A queer romp set in 1920's Harlem about art, heartbreak, and giant tortoises.
Premiere run in the 2018 Frigid Festival at The Kraine Theater.
Winner of Audience Choice Award.


rebellion dogs 

Is the story of Nila and Elliott, a young couple living in a basement apartment in sunny California. Lonely, lost and in love, they strive to find intimacy and connection with one another, but are thwarted by their pasts, their resentments and the barriers they unwittingly pit against one another. Unable to return to the simplicity of their youth, they struggle to move on together, but rebellion dogs their every step.
Premiered at Arthur Seelen Theater Aug. 2017
Full Run BAX Oct. 6 & 7 2017
rebellion dogs.jpg

shoulda coulda woulda 

Shoulda/Coulda/Woulda gives us Trisha, Marcus and a glimpse into their genuine friendship. However, the pair is forced to test the purity of their dynamic in their most vulnerable of moments. Despite all the signs indicating an inevitable outcome in their relationship, S/C/W quickly reminds us that life often leaves us with regrets.
Premiered at Arthur Seelen Theater May 2016

the Biopic project

A night of themed original works with some icons thrown in.
Premiered at The Kraine Theater June 2017.